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Good News Bad News

2010-01-08 09:35:46 by SkullPrincessKannon

Good news is i finally got the account up and running,Bad news is i have the flu so it may be awhile before anything actually gets done. Hopefully i have some good things to give you all this year, like art and hopefully 3 or 5 videos.I be blunt and be forward i still need a team to help me out. so i'm still looking X3 (knowing my luck i'm never gonna gather up a decent video team). So i'll post a date for it when i get the chance if you wanna try for it.

Should have a bunch up in a few,will do some character designs for my books later

Yes i do t-shirts,but i need to get the sheets and shirts.learning on how to do fan pins,Umm stickers! will have some good ones once those designs are done as well.Arigumi plushes i will make per demand, Same as my Killer Cute Monster line.

All question will be answered on the time i get to it,if i dont get to it don't get all mad at me

-Other Information-
For the video team tryouts i will be using my yahoo address,so yay. its finally gonna be of some use X3 . Well keep coming back for more info and soon to have the designs up. Here is an lolcat pic to make your day brighter ^_^

Good News Bad News


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2010-01-08 13:48:07

teepot cat lulz