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2010-02-08 22:56:43 by SkullPrincessKannon

So i learned something new today my fellow followers(only one but hey your rock more than none) so apparently you can have massive video chats on stick cam,and boy its wow,i mean amazing. so i finally got one,but im gonna actually get a webcam so i can give you live video updates!! WOULDNT YOU LOVE THAT!!! well toodles for today! I LOVE YOU ALL
That Crazy Girl,

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2010-01-08 09:35:46 by SkullPrincessKannon

Good news is i finally got the account up and running,Bad news is i have the flu so it may be awhile before anything actually gets done. Hopefully i have some good things to give you all this year, like art and hopefully 3 or 5 videos.I be blunt and be forward i still need a team to help me out. so i'm still looking X3 (knowing my luck i'm never gonna gather up a decent video team). So i'll post a date for it when i get the chance if you wanna try for it.

Should have a bunch up in a few,will do some character designs for my books later

Yes i do t-shirts,but i need to get the sheets and shirts.learning on how to do fan pins,Umm stickers! will have some good ones once those designs are done as well.Arigumi plushes i will make per demand, Same as my Killer Cute Monster line.

All question will be answered on the time i get to it,if i dont get to it don't get all mad at me

-Other Information-
For the video team tryouts i will be using my yahoo address,so yay. its finally gonna be of some use X3 . Well keep coming back for more info and soon to have the designs up. Here is an lolcat pic to make your day brighter ^_^

Good News Bad News